The massage techniques we use are coming from several Eastern styles:
Acupuncture of the martial arts, Tuina, Shiatsu, Pidjit and ayurvedic. We massage through the  clothing and normally only use (warm) oil by the feet, hands and face.

Our focus lays in detecting blocades in body and energy and, if possible, solve them.

Preknowledge is not required but willing to learn is!

In a relaxed way we learn:

  • How to touch
  • Basic anatomy
  • Your own posture

Practical information

  • Time: Saturday 10.00 – 16.00
  • For the dates check our Facebool page.
  • Costs: 75 euro and for te EQ members 60 euro.
  • You can follow all the courses seperately. If you follow 3 or more courses you get a discount of 5 euro per course, if you pay the amount in once.
  • Register: Eq members can do this personally by Jeannette or Kierty.
  • Non members can get an email with a registrationform, as soon the form has been send backand the payment has been done is the registration complete.
  • Lunch: You can bring it yourself or order it in the morning together with us by a cateringservice.