Where am I from?

Hi, my name is Chris, I was born and raised in the South of Germany. During my childhood and youth, I was focused on nature, drawing, sports and a bit later, philosophy. From the age of five, I have been partaking in several types of sports, but mainly hockey, fencing and break dance. After high school, I left home  in 2002 to study Mental Health Sciences at Maastricht University. Since then, I have received training in Wu Shu, Tai Chi and massage techniques from Kierty. In 2009, I finished my both my Master of Science degree in Mental Health and my training as mindfulness teacher. I have been working as a psychologist and mindfulness teacher ever since.

What can I do?

I see myself as an everlasting student in all disciplines mentioned before. I practice and teach mindfulness using my personal experiences and scientific background in psychology. Combining eastern and western ideology defines my style of teaching. Furthermore, I teach Wu Shu and Tai Chi and am available for psychological consultations.


 What can I do for you?

During the mindfulness I focus on how to:

  • Safely look at difficult thoughts and feelings
  • How to constructively…
    • Getting to know and accept yourself.
    • Get back in contact with the dimension of being (rather than doing).
    • Get yourself into a state of alert relation.
    • Experience more depth and liveliness in your daily life.
    • Get more space in your head.
    • Actively switch from thinking and doing to feeling and being.

Those who have taken an 8-week MBSR or MBCT course will have the opportunity to keep practicing on a regular base, expand their knowledge and ask questions.

Those with little to no experience of mindfulness can familiarize themselves with the practice and start to train themselves.