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Jeannette Verbooy

Where am I from?

My name is Jeannette Verbooy-Tatipata. I studied Mensendieck therapy and I have been a self-employed professional for over 25 years. Mensendieck therapy is mainly focused on raising people’s self-awareness of their posture and movement.

What I enjoy most about my profession is the element of coaching. When people develop self-awareness of their posture and movement, they gain insight into their problems for which we can create solutions. It is very gratifying to witness these solutions that help to lower pain and increase physical abilities.

In my spare time I enjoy doing sports and studying movement; martial arts, yoga and (ayurvedic) massaging are my main interests.

What can I do?

In 2005, I started a 6-year program to become a teacher in Hatha-yoga. At that time, I was teaching a group of elderly some gymnastics and I started to use the Hatha techniques and elements to enhance their training. This helped me to develop Mensendieckgym.

As a Mensendieck therapist, I have also offered some of the Hatha-Yoga poses and exercises to my patients, which have led to positive results. Through studying Indian philosophies, I have gained more insight into the human psyche, which made treatment of those with (phsyco)somatic complaints less strenuous.

Through practicing both Yoga and Martial Arts intensively, I have gained experience in working with sports injuries. I continuously research and develop better, more effective ways of treating reoccurring (sports)injuries.

What can I do for you?

  • Releasing stress and creating space both physical and mentally through weekly group sessions of Hatha-yoga.
  • Battling recurring injuries through weekly sessions of Mensendieckgym
  • By combining Mensendieck Therapy & Yoga I can coach your (sportive) pursuits during individual sessions.
  • When you lead an active life, I offer Abhyanga and Ayurverdic full-body massages.

See you soon!