EQuilibrium Maastricht

Kierty Verbooy

Where am I from?

My name is Kierty Verbooy, born in the Netherlands. I have trained in classical Martial Arts since I was four years old. Initially, I had been studying Japanese styles (e.g., Judo, Karate Aikido), after a while I familiarized myself with several Chinese Kung Fu and Wu Shu styles.

Moreover, the Martial Arts training I received from several different masters also consisted of massage, acupuncture and breathing-exercises amongst others. Healing techniques that were taught to cure injuries caused by training can also be used to relief physical problems that occur in daily life. As a teacher of classical Martial Arts you are responsible for those you are educating.

Next to my Martial Arts training I have taken several health and diagnostic-related courses.

What can I do?

I teach Martaial Arts, Tai Chi and massage. Besides this, I own a massage practice and am mainly occupied by unwinding the mind and body through touch and conversation.

What can I do for you?

  • Strengthening the body through (Martial Arts) training.
  • Increasing stability and coordination through practicing Tai Chi
  • Letting you experience space and relaxation through massage
  • Providing support on how cooperation of body and mind can be improved.