EQuilibrium Maastricht

Personal Trainer

What is it?

Levy offers personal training.

Using my background as a sports instructor and fitness/Martial Arts enthusiast we will start to work on your plan.

During the sessions, we will look into the most effective and efficient method that suits your lifestyle and capabilities. We will be working on your health and fitness.

I strive to us my knowledge to teach you to train independently, injury free and more efficiënt.

Just as during the group classes, I use Martial Arts exercises, Elastics, Kettlebells and Dumbbells.

Practical Information

  • Sessions will be planned individually
  • What does the training consists of?
    – Intake, in which we address your health and your goals.
    – Tailored sessions, in which we train according to your personal and realistic goals.
    – Interim measurements
    – Session of 60 minutes.
    – Nutritional appointments.
  • To get visible results, training plans are at least 12 weeks.

Everyone has their own, specific learning style, that is why I offer the possibility to plan an intake. We can look at the possibilities and if you decide if my style of training suits you.

The intake costs €35,00.